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  • unlimited amount of boxes
  • masonry grid layout
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  • title & subtitle
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second tags page woo!! made for my disney blog even though i have barely enough things to fill the tags. oh well! disney makes the heart grow fonder and i really like this page theme because it’s cute and colourful yayy!!!! 

if there’s anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Allison Graphic Tutorial


So I said I would make a graphic tutorial for one of the graphics I created for this graphicset.


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Anonymous asked: Hello! Can you please giva me a link where do you download teen wolf episodes 1080? Thank you!

you can download them from here and you can also, for season 4, track the #twhd4 tag

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psd 62 --> MF 

*doesnt contains vibrance. has a orange hue. contains a b&w layer and adjustable curves layer for darker scenes. works on most teen wolf scenes. please like the post if you are taking.

i’m so sorry for not posting lately! here’s a psd i used on this gifset.

  #teen wolf   #gif psd


PSD 068 by DNACOLORING (download). Maybe you will need to modify some layers to your image, but please respect my work and not redistribute this psd. Like or reblog this post if you download and please don’t repost or claim as your own.

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  • Don’t steal and claim as your own, please.
  • Like/reblog this post if you are downloading.
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you guys have been asking for a teen wolf psd, so here it is. works on pretty much every scene with a bit of adjusting. please don’t redistribute or claim as your own. like this post and message me if you want the download link.

  #teen wolf   #gif psd

I decided it was about time to show my followers a bit of love and since I’ve been asked a few times to share my colorings I wanted to give it a try and this happened. This psd works basically on everything I guess. Includes black and white option and a curves layer to balance blue-ish scenes  (probably it will need to be adjusted though).

Like or reblog this post if you take and don’t claim as your own because I worked hard ok? Thanks :D

Download Link.

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hi hello! this is my very first psd, so sorry if its bad tho,but it works on every teen wolf scene i guess lol. feel free to adjust some layers, please don’t steal or anything and um like if you downloading, thank you and enjoy :)

  #gif psd   #teen wolf
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